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A tool for citizen journalism. Making the readers to contributors. Collecting tips, stories, pictures and videos. The news editors handle all incoming information in real time in one web application. Made by the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang (VG) – a part of the successful Schibsted media group. More information.

Featured Articles

Getting stories from Facebook

Facebook has more than 600 million active users and is the most used social network service worldwide. You probably already have some type of Facebook presence and now you can start to receive leads and stories from your readers through this very popular service into your VG News Portal. The application is available as of
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VGNP installed at Blick VGNP installed at Blick

VG News Portal was in September 2010 installed in Europe’s latest and most professional integrated newsroom – at Ringier’s “Blick” in Zurich. – To be an important part of the news gathering in this completely integrated newsroom, tells us that the VG News Portal is a good idea and a complete product, confirms Mr. Vidar
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2 billion mobile connections! 2 billion mobile connections!

Did you know that the Asia Pacific region in 2009 crosssed the 2 billion mobile connections threshold for the first time. It is projected that the Asia Pacific market will exceed 3 billion connections in 2013. So – meet VG News Portal in an extremely expanding region for products like ours. We are talking about
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Development Q1 2013

During the last couple of month we have implemented some new features and also fixed some bugs. Below you’ll see a selection of updates. If you like to know our development plans for the rest of the year I would suggest you to meet us in Bangkok or send us a mail. API Extend todays
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KIEV in September

Citizen Journalism in Ukraine? Yes, VG News Portal feel an obligation to participate also in this years worldwide conferences- the 64th World Newspaper Congress and the 19th World Editor forum. “Solidarity with the local press” is one of the reasons for going til Kiev, tells the WAN-IFRA President, Jacob Mathew. And VG News Portal agrees.
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See you in Vienna!

Vienna is your next possibility to meet VG News Portal. The main event for us is the meeting with all the worlds editors and CEO’s at the annual “World Newspaper Congress” and the ” World Editors Forum”. We are at stand # 37 at the Info Services Expo 2011 from October 13-15th. There you and
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VGNP important for BLICK, Zurich

The Blick newsroom is one of the most interesting topics at the IFRA Newsroom Summit 2011 held in Zurich June 9th-10th. VG News Portal is an important part of the Blick news flow. Through our software the editors around the circle of the newsroom quickly can monitor, view, decide and distribute the news coming in
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